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Pool Covers

Pool Cover Benefits : -

Besides offering energy saving , pool covers also do the following:

  1. Conserve water by reducing the amount of make-up water needed by 30%-50%
  2. Reduce the pool's chemical consumption by 35%-60%
  3. Reduce cleaning time by keeping dirt and other debris out of the pool.
  4. You can significantly swimming pool heating costs by using a pool cover.

Specification : -

  1. Material LDEP
  2. Bubble diameter 8-12 mm
  3. Thickness 400-600 micron
  4. Available in every shape and size
  5. UV and chemical resistant
  6. Strong and heavy duty border
  7. Heat welded to any shape and size
  8. Durable and waterproof
  9. Save Water chemical and valuable time
  10. Long Life
  11. Easy Installation

Pool Cover Reel / Pool Cover Roller

Swimming Pool Cover Reel make it an easy operation

If You install a Reel (Pool Cover Roller) for your Pool Cover

Technical Specifications : -

  1. Stainless steel stand and tube grade 304
  2. Well Polished
  3. Heavy duty tubing
  4. Bearings per side insure smooth operation
  5. Every sizes are available as per customer choice
  6. Superior Control of pool Cover handling procedure

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